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Dexing Electrical Appliances Co.,Ltd.,

Dexing Electrical Appliances Co.,Ltd.,was set up in the year of 1995,  a professional chinese manufacturer and supplier which is specialized in refrigerator and related parts. Our main products are car fridge,hotel fridge and refrigerator parts(such as compressor,condenser,evaporator, filter drier, copper fittings, thermostat ,defrost thermostat,lighting box, lamp holder,and other refrigerator plastic parts.)


Products Show:

Fridge Appliances

compression-type temperature controller
Defrost thermostat
Sudden jump type temperature controller
Refrigerator fan
Wire-on-tube condenser
Bounding evaporator
Roll bond condenser
Filter drier
Capillary tube
Distributor tube
Tee Joint for Refrigerator
Lamp holder and lighting box
Magnetic FRefrigerator door Refrigerator door switch
Lighting box of temperature control
Lamp holder
refrigerator drawer
Temperature control panel
LED Lighting Box
Refrigerator inner container
Refrigerator plastic parts
Refrigerator plastic parts