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Absorption mini fridge

DXXC-50 Absorption mini fridge

Absorption mini fridge
Absorption mini fridge

Item description

Climate Type
Product Dimension
Packing Dimension
Power supply
Net weight
Gross weight

Core trait
    Classical shape and practical design
    According to the real condition, we design this product by the common size of hotel cupboard, which could satisfy the direct stock demands of usual clients. In the other hand, the classical shape makes it suitable to place in hotel or any other location.
Other features
    LED door light with convenient control (for choice)
    Flexible choice of racks and bottle seats for best use of refrigerating space
    One rack and two bottle seats increase the possibility of space regulation. Consumers can use them or not or change them according to the real need to make good use of refrigerating space.
Common features of the absorption type refrigerator
    No compressor, absolutely silent.
    No Freon, hence, environment friendly.
    No mechanical transmission, no failure caused by wear and tear hence, long life-span.
    Automatic de-frosting and water and human based performances
    Low energy consumption, stable temperature control ranging from 0 ℃ to 6 ℃ and continued economy in electricity usage
    Excellent cooling, environment friendly and sturdy in use
    Advanced international cooling technique and excellent material are used in it which is environment friendly and be competent for sturdy use.
    Thicker armor plate for box body and reliable support for firm structure
    User-friendly design of temperature control button, simple operation
Optional functions
    Mechanical lock - practical and safe
    You may ask to install a lock if needed. It’s safe and practical. Thick lock button is applied to make good locking effect.
    LED door light, convenient and saves electricity
    Adjustable left and right pulling door, convenient usage


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Home > Refrigerator for Hotel > Absorption mini fridge