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Defrost thermostat

Particular Thermostat

DXKSD-8001 Defrost Thermostat


BI-Metal Defrost Thermostats

DXKSD-8001 Defrost Thermostat

Temperature automatic control for removing frost  and for protecting the frozen rupture in the cold  storage or freezing systems
Specificates  Rated Current AC 250V/5A, 250V/10A    
Temperature Range -20∩ ro 150∩     
Action Temperature  CLOSE:40℃  OPEN:30℃   
Life Cycle 100,000 cycle Min.   
Dielectric Strength:Withstand AC 1.8kV for 1 second 
Insulation Resistance 100Mз Min.    
Internal Resistance 100 Mз Max.     
Certifications:CQC CE VDE UL CSA
* Dimension see drawing details
* Remarks : Any requirement on the terminals, caps, brackets or contacts are acceptable

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Home > Electric Parts Applied To Refrigerator > Defrost thermostat