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Defrost thermostat

DXKSD-1008 BI-Metal Defrost Thermostats


BI-Metal Defrost Thermostats

DXKSD-1008 BI-Metal Defrost Thermostats


The DXKSD-1008 series of 3/4 (19mm) bimetal disc temperature controls from LT  offers proven reliability in a moisture resistant sealed design. The snap action of the bimetal disc provides high-speed contact separation resulting in excellent life cycle characteristics at electrical loads up to 10 amps at 250VAC and 5 amps at 250VAC. The sealed design provides moisture resistance for moisture prone environments. A wide variety of terminal, lead wire and mounting configurations are available to provide maximum design flexibility. The DXKSD-10 is the most popular and widely applied temperature control in refrigeration applications such as defrost termination and ice cube maker control. It is also applied in a range of heat pump and air conditioning applications..

Technical parameters:

*Action characteristic: Single cutter,single throw (SPST), 
*Electric rating : 250VAC@5A/250VAC@10A
*Insulation resistance : ≥100MΩ
*Action temperature range : -30℃~90℃
*Lead wire and temperature can be decided to Users requirements.  
*Controls are 100% operation checked and dielectric tested.


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Home > Electric Parts Applied To Refrigerator > Defrost thermostat